Can I mount the Fast Magnetic Charging Dock anywhere?

Yes, you can mount the Dock anywhere that you have a USB power supply and a shiny surface to adhere the dock to. If you dont use the included cigarette charging plug for the car then it is advised to plug the dock into a fast charging output to get the fastest charge available.

My phone seems to not be as "grippy" on the Dock?

Give both the silicone phone case and the charging pad surface a wipe with a cloth dampened with clean soapy water. it is important to ensure the surfaces are cleaned regularly.

How fast does the Dock charge?

If you connect the Dock to a fast USB supply, this will charge quickly, up to 10 watts. As a reference, the cable and charger that comes with the iphone 8 and iphone X charges at around 1.5amps. The Tornado Fast Wireless Magnetic Dock charges from 1.7 amp upwards depending on your current phone charge (Phones charge quicker when they dont have much charge) and also your Phone type and phone operating system. If you use a standard output USB socket, the Dock will adjust to a slower charge.

I need more magnetic pads are these available seperately?

Yes, please check the online Shop.

The charging rate doesnt seem to be fast?

If you are using a magnetic sticker, ensure this is installed centrally on the rear of your phone or centrally inside your phone case. Ensure that you have the latest operating system installed on your phone. For the Apple iPhone, quit all apps that may be running in the background. There may be a rogue App/process that is draining your phone quicker than it can be charged. Apple iOS 11.2 + supports faster wireless charging with iOS 11.3 + having better faster wireless charging support up to 7.5watts. The charging rate and speed may fluctuate accordingly to ensure your phone is charged at the correct rate and this is based on a number of factors such as the temperature of your phone and also the current charged capacity.

How strong are the magnets

The magnet sizes and strength has been designed to enable the phone to be held securely during normal day to day driving whilst not interfering with the fast charging circuit. It is strongly recommended to use our Tornado cases that have been specifically designed for use with the dock which are both light and have strong magnets inbuilt. If you wish to use your own case then you may have to attach more magnetic stickers which in turn may affect your own case fitment. There are also other third party cases that are available on amazon that support the 4 x magnet function.

My phone doesnt appear to be charging properly and the charging indicator is "pulsing" on and off?

Your phone may have had a recent software update or the charging circuit may need reseting or your phone/phone case may require cleaning. (If your phone is not located centrally on the charger, the magnets in the case may interfere with the charging ability so it is important that you clean your phone back/case and charging pad regularly. Swipe to unload all applications and then power cycle your phone. To reset the charging circuit, simply unplug the power from the Tornado dock for 2 minutes, then plug the power back in again. Check for any obstruction, clean the charging pad with a warm damp cloth and also the back of your phone/phone case. This will allow the phone to be located properly.

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