Dashcam Hardwire Cable kit - Advanced Two camera supply system

Use this kit to install any Micro USB 5 volts Dashcam into you vehicle with both front and rear power leads.


It will monitor your vehicle battery and cut the power to the camera when the battery reaches the set voltage. You can also wire in the ACC lead to specify the time that parking mode is recording for.



  • Easy and fast installation 
  • Battery protection for low voltage and timer function to prevent discharge (various selectable voltages)
  • 2 x supply leads for both front and rear camera:
  • 1 x 2mtr cable with right angle micro USB connector
  • 1 x 2mtr cable with female USB connector
  • 5 volt 2.5 amp (total) supply






  • Red Wire - connect to a permanent 12/24 volt feed
  • Yellow Wire - connect to a switched (ACC) 12/24 volt feed
  • Black Wire - connect to Ground


** please note that this does not come with Fuses, it is recommended that you use Fusetaps to connect to your fuse box **


Dip Switches 1 to 4 are selected according to the Voltage Protection


Switches 5 to 8 are selected acording to the length of time for parking mode (it is suggested to enable 12 or 24hr for optimum performance)







Model No TABM-1
Input 12V-24V
Output 5V/2.5A
Fuse Type: 63V/3A
Car Low Voltage Protection (selectable)

11.5V, 12V, 12.5V, 13V

Parking Model Timer Function 12hr, 24hr, 48hr, infinite





























Dashcam Hardwire Cable kit - Advanced Two camera supply system

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