Tornado Universal Magnetic Sticker

This Magnetic Sticker is required if you wish to use the Tornado Magnetic Charging Dock with your own thin phone case.

The sticker contains 4 x magnets and has double sided stickers on both sides and also comes with a template in order to ensure the sticker is central to your phone's charging function.

This enables you to adhere the sticker to a shiny surface of either the back of your phone or the inside of your case.


Compatible with all Tornado Magnetic Charging docks excluding the Nano Dock.


* please note, if your case is thicker than 2mm and weighs more than 30gms you may need more than 1 magnetic sticker in order for the magnetic function to work. If your case is too bulky it may be incompatible with the charging dock. For use on thin cases only and will not work with folio/flap type cases, please check prior to purchasing *


Please check Magnetic polarity prior to sticking to your phone or phone case as the polarity in the docks differ dependant on version.


Tornado Universal Magnetic Sticker

  • All Tornado Magnetic Charging docks excluding the Nano Dock