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Fast Wireless Charger Speed test

We have created a charging speed time-lapse video to show the speed whilst charging an iPhone 8 plus.

Please be aware, currently Apple have the wireless charging function limited to 7.5 watts whilst the Tornado Wireless Charger is able to provide up to 10 watts of power.

Whilst there may be other wireless magnetic charging products on the market that have more magnets, we have tested extensively the charging function as we strongly believe, fast charging whilst having a firm magnetic contact are both important.

If a product has more magnets, this may have a stronger grip however, due to the wireless charging receiver, this may seriously impact charging speed and thus not be a fast charger.

You will notice the Wireless Charging Dock inteligently fluctuating the charging current. This is based on the heat of the phone and to ensure safe fast charging is achieved.

Once fully charged, the Dock adjusts its charging accordingly and enters power saving mode.

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